Xiaoxi Wang
Chairman, Co-Chair
Foams 2013 Conference, Chair Elect

The Boeing Company

Dale Grove
Past Chairman, TPC-ANTEC 2014, HSM
US Silica

Hani Naguib
Immediate Past-Chair
University of Toronto

Donna S. Davis
ANTEC 2016 Technical Program Chair, HSM
ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Miguel Angel Rodriguez-Perez
Director, TPC FOAMS 2012
University of Valladolid

Maxwell Wingert
Procter & Gamble

Theresa Healy
Secretary Communications Chair, Sponsor Chair for FOAMS 2014
Reedy Chemical Foam & Specialty Additives

Salvatore J. Monte
Director, FOAMS 2014 Co-Chair, HSM, FE
Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.

Masahiro Ohshima
International Activities Chair, FE
Chair for FOAMS 2015

Kyoto University, Dept. of Chem. Eng.

Perry Vadhar
Councilor, HSM
Sealed Air Corporation

N.S. Ramesh
Past Chairman, HSM, FE
Sealed Air Corporation

Chul B. Park
FOAMS 2015 Tutorial Chair, FE
University of Toronto

Ashutosh Sharma
Past Councilor, FE
Klockner Pentaplast

Henry Schirmer
Director, FE, HLM
BBS Corporation

Raymond J. Shute
Nominating Chair, HSM
Novation iQ

Gary Wilkes
Best Paper Award Chair

Dart Container Corporation

Stephane Costeux
Education Chair, Conference Org. Chair

The Dow Chemical Company

Changchun (Chad) Zeng
Assistant Professor

Florida State University

Aaron Guan
Membership Sub-Committee
BOCO Technology Inc.

Anson Wong
Membership Chair
The Dow Chemical Company

Shu-Kai Yeh
Department of Materials Science and Technology
National Taiwan University of Science of Technology

Kimberly Mcloughlin
Education Chair