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Dear fellow SPE TPM&F Division Members,
First I would like to congratulate Dr. S. T. Lee for winning the Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) in 2017. Dr. Lee is Principal Editor for Foam Update, Co-Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Cellular Plastics. He has many significant publications, and has organized numerous technical conferences in foams area. Dr. Lee is well deserved for this highest honor from SPE TPM&F Division.

I would like to congratulate the TPM&F TPC Professor Chad Zeng and the TPM&F moderators for a successful ANTEC 2017 in May. We had high quality presentations and good attendance for all four sessions. Thanks to the hard work led by the Best Paper Award committee chair Gary Wilkes, the Best Paper Award goes to the paper “DIELECTRIC PERMITTIVITY OF THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE/PZT COMPOSITE FOAMS”. Congratulations to the authors Gayaneh Petrossian and Amir Ameli from Washington State University!

We are excited to announce the winner of the 2017 SPE TPM&F Division Scholarship: Haley Palys, a senior at Penn State majoring in Plastics Engineering Technology. Haley was selected from an exceptionally talented pool of applicants due to her outstanding academic achievements and leadership. Congratulation Haley!

I would like to thank Professor Vipin Kumar, who has been serving on the SPE TPM&F board since 1990 and just retired from the board in ANTEC 2017. Professor Kumar’s special effort was on microcellular foam and creating a community around that subject. He has served in various positions including as a Chair 2001-2003. I greatly appreciate Professor Kumar’s nearly three decades of service on the TPM&F board and his great contributions to our division!

Finally, I cordially invite you to participate in our SPE FOAMS® 2017 Conference, Tutorial, and Exhibition, which will be held October 11–12 in Bayreuth, Germany. It is the premier forum for presentations of new developments in foaming technologies. There will be 1.5-day tutorial, plant tour, beer tasting event, exhibition, and most importantly world-renowned speakers presenting technical papers on innovations in foam processing, nano-cellular foam technology, environmentally friendly foams and more.

Respectfully Submitted
Dr. Xiaoxi Wang
SPE TPM&F Division Chair